2023 Bayan Baru Xiang Qi Tournament

Report 27th August 2023 Pertubuhan Nilai-Nilai Murni Untuk Keamanan Sejagat (PNM) successfully organized *2023 Bayan Baru Xiang Qi Tournament* in collaboration with *ITPA,五楼棋社* at ITPA, Promanade, Penang. Our sincere gratitude for the collaboration and support from Parlimen Bayan Baru, ADUN Batu Uban and so on. This Xiang Qi tournament have around 120 peoples (adults & students) participates. The environment was very lively & noisy, that not only the participants but also the accompany of parents. Besides that, there is also set up a small shop, so that children can experience being a “little boss” for a day. This also adds more joy to the environment. 🥳🥳 There are 8 categories in this competition – that are Adult, Secondary school and Primary school. It is worth mentioning that this competition specially added a women’s category to encourage them. Taking this opportunity is also indirectly promoting the Chinese chess (Xiang Qi) in Chinese culture. Special Thanks to Ms Nhu (Vice President) represent Mr Nick (President) to hold the Opening Ceremony. Definitely also must thanks to Steven which come and support us. Last but not least, please follow our PNM FB to get more photo. Thank You🤗😉😉

Location:Malaysia, Penang

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