Looking at the lovely and cute kids from Peace Children Care Centre (PCCC), their performance of a significant Mooncake Festival Chinese song ‘Yue Liang Yuan’ had shown a beautiful Chinese culture regardless races and religion.

   Sincere thanks to the great effort of Ms Wendy Koay, Pertubuhan Nilai-Nilai Murni Untuk Keamanan Sejagat-PNM Women Bureau Director and PCCC Board of Committee, in conducting a lantern making tutorial for PCCC children together with Ms. Diyana Lee and Ms. Jayanti Kandayah. The beautiful homemade mooncakes by Ms. Wendy and Ms. Diyana were PCCC kids’ favourite.

    Mid-Autumn Festival is a symbolic of Reunion. Wish everyone stay healthy, stay safe, stay happy and stay reunion.

Location:Peace Children Care Centre (PCCC)

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