PNM Installation Ceremony

2022-04-24 PNM Installation Ceremony at Daily Fish Restaurant @ Jalan Logan Heartfelt gratitude to all the Board of Advisors and members who attended the PNM Installation Ceremony. ❤️ Congratulations to all PNM EXCO members and wishing everyone the best of luck. 🤝👍😇 It is a good start and looking forward to upcoming activities soon! 🥰 马来西亚海外华人和平总会委员就职典礼@天天鱼酒楼 衷心感谢所有出席马来西亚和平海外华人总会就职典礼的顾问团与成员们。 ❤️ 在此也恭喜所有委员并祝大家好运。 🤝👍😇 这是一个好的开始,期待即临的活动! 🥰

Location:Malaysia, Penang

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