The Art Of Sushi & Family Gathering

20th August 2023📍 🌸 *Pertubuhan Nilai-Nilai Murni Untuk Keamanan Sejagat (PNM)* successfully organised *The Art Of Sushi & Family Gathering* at University shoplot, Jalan Sungai Dua ( Level 3)🤗 A happy and enjoyment is a time to let go of worries and simply have fun and great time with our loved one.❤️Our activity successfully attract multi races friends and family, total around 30 participants in our activity🥳🤝 It is very enjoyable and great moment with all participants. Thank you for the team and PNM members for all your hard work and support.💪💪 *We look forward next activities* 😊

Location:Malaysia, Penang

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